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I'm stepping up for youth mental health!

This October, I'm walking for youth mental health, by taking the Walk with Me challenge.

Walk with Me is a virtual fundraising challenge for Youth Focus, raising vital funds to provide mental health support and education programs to young people across Western Australian. 

Please support my walk, and together we can help young West Australians thrive.


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Hedland high

Sunday 22nd Oct
Spent a beautiful weekend with one of my most favourite humans in the entire world - walking and talking! 20km kicked!

One month - one hundred kms

Sunday 1st Oct
336 days ago, Sunday 30 October my beautiful baby girl, our 13 year old daughter with determination attempted to complete her life. 

That night we found out abruptly she didn’t want anymore to be with herself in this world - everything around her and her mind had got too overwhelming.

Despite the sentences I heard from many with best intentions in the following hours. It wasn’t spontaneous or a cry for help. The professionals dispelled that myth quickly, telling us it was very much planned and she was still resolved in this intent.  

In fact later we found out it wasn’t the first attempt to try to end her pain and that there was a lot more to this and a lot she hadn’t been able to talk about. The next days, weeks and even months are a bit of a blur - from the ED alone with her being told given the dosage she had taken that she wasn’t going to survive and calling Andrew and my Family to have this explained. But she did and the days that followed in hospital being there with her bewildered and terrified in her recovery, hearing recounts and reports from doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists. The weeks in the mental health ward and the months back home as she struggled with still being here and working through her own mental health recovery. The state support was phenomenal in the immediate days, weeks and months that followed. The tough times came when that started to be peeled back and again she reminded us at the end of March how fragile she and her mental health was. Taking each day as it came, trying not to lose her and also keeping the family together and afloat was our best option. Juggling our work, school, the usual things of a family of 3 teenagers. All the time being present and aware knowing that there is absolutely nothing we can do that will 100% prevent a future attempt has been well bloody tough. 

Not being able to leave her for more than a short period had incredible challenges (thankful Andrew took 3 months leave following ) but we’ve somehow made it work as a family. 

Fast forward 6 months and she is now 10 weeks back in to school full time, participating in activities, going out and making new friends and being out without supervision and learning how to manage her own mental health and her perception of the world. It’s her own journey and we’ve let her steer and halt as she needs but we are travelling it together and hope that through open and honest communication we are better able to be there when she needs us. 

So this walk is to raise funds for one of the few services in Perth that focus on youth mental health and provide much needed support to young people, families and advocates for more community and govt support and services for youth. But it’s more than that. This commitment will  help us get out and do something active intentionally (which has been a struggle at times) and clear our minds on a daily basis so we can be ready and mentally fit to be here for her, the family and ourselves. 

Thankyou xxx 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Julie Sly

Almost there Georgie....sending much love for your last 12kms x x


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Best wishes Georgi


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Sending strength and love, in memory of my beautiful sister xxx


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Thank you and your family for your strength ❤️


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You’ve got this!!


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Smash it Macaronis! Xx


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Big hugs. Will try and walk with you one weekend this month. If i don’t manage to, I will be with you in spirit x



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